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Lauren Smith


Phone: (651)744-6272

Lauren Smith

Hello!  My name is Lauren Smith and I am the school counselor at Randolph Heights.  I have been the school counselor at Randolph Heights since 2017. I received my Bachelors degree from the University of Minnesota in Child Psychology, and my Masters Degree in School Counseling at The University of Alabama.  I love having the opportunity to work with all of the students and families at Randolph Heights.  I am inspired every day to help children become more successful students, work with them to help them effectively deal with a variety of problems, and inspire them to do their personal best in their lives.  Outside of school, I love to spend time outside with my husband, two kids, Collin and Lilah, and dog, Lacy. 

Please enjoy this Welcome Video to learn more about how I work with students at Randolph Heights.

Students can request a meeting with Mrs. Smith


What does a school counselor do?

That is a great question!  The bottom line is that I help to support students at school.  Some ways that I do this may include:

Direct Student Services: 

  • Core Counseling Curriculum 
    • consistent classroom lessons to proactively teach skills in the following domains: 
      • Academic
      • Career
      • Social Emotional
      • Bully Prevention
      • Personal Safety
  • Small Group Counseling: (examples of topics may include)
    • academic skills (i.e. focusing attention, listening, ignoring distractions, etc.)
    • social emotional skills (i.e. friendship skills, problem-solving skills, emotion management, etc.)
    • mental health and wellness (i.e. coping skills, mindfulness, etc.)
    • family change
  • Brief, Solution-Focused Individual Counseling 
    • academic planning - appraisal and advisement
    • social emotional support
    • mental health and wellness
    • responsive services
    • crisis support

Indirect Student Services: 

  • referrals
  • consultation
  • collaboration

Program Planning / System Support

  • promoting readiness activities for college, career & life
  • serve on Randolph Heights' Student Support Team
  • evaluating school data to expose and address gaps and inequities
  • assist with student creation and evaluation of Personal Learning Plans
  • serve on Randolph Heights' Student Assistance Team (SAT)
  • facilitate academic-related 504 Service Plans
  • empowering and supporting families and staff
  • defining, managing, and assessing activities
  • serve on Randolph Heights' Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team
  • providing professional development to staff, including mental health, suicide prevention, college & career readiness

Randolph Heights School Counseling Mission Statement
The school counseling program at Randolph Heights advocates for all students to engage in academic, career, and social-emotional learning, prepares students for their future by promoting equity, access, and success in education, and inspires all students to achieve their dreams.

Randolph Heights School Counseling Vision Statement
When Randolph Heights students graduate from high school, they will be prepared for college, career, and life.  Students will have the academic and social-emotional skills to achieve their personal and career goals. They have developed foundational skills to excel in their careers and life as respected, valued, and celebrated citizens.  Students will feel cared for, understood, and supported by their school community. Each and every student will be prepared for an exceptional future.

Curriculum used in classroom lessons, small groups, and individual meetings


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