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Keith, Ian



Phone: 651.293.8780

Qualifications: B.A. Politics, Princeton University M.A. Elementary Education, Antioch University Nationally Board Certified in Elementary Literacy

Mr. Ian Keith

Mr. Keith started teaching in 1986 in Philadelphia and has worked at Randolph Heights since 2001. He has taught grades 2,3,5 and 6 in the St. Paul Public Schools and served as the president of the St. Paul Federation of Educators for 4 years. He is Nationally Board Certified in Early Literacy and is a graduate of Princeton University. Mr. Keith has also helped lead teacher training and school improvement initiatives in the country of Tanzania in Africa since 2014. 

When Mr. Keith is not in school he can often be found searching for fossils. He has an extensive fossil collection housed in the Bones and Stones museum in his basement where students and their families are invited to tour during the year. He also directs a summer fossil camp for elementary students. 

Mr. Keith and his wife Gail love to travel and are active in politics and civic initiatives. He and his family have lived in the Merriam Park neighborhood of St. Paul since 1994. Mr. Keith values living and working in the same community as the families he serves.  He believes that young people thrive when they are surrounded by caring adults both in and out of school. 

As Mr. Keith says, “Randolph Heights is a model public school. It is a school community where students from all walks of life come together to learn in a supportive and challenging learning environment. It is a place that celebrates American history and world cultures while preparing students for a future rich with technology and innovation. And it is a place that I love and encourage all families to check out when they are exploring school options in St. Paul.”