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Flahavan, Joseph

Mr. Joseph Flahavan

I’m often asked why I chose to teach fifth grade and I have to say it’s a fun age group.  The kids are excited about school, want to learn and are beginning to have perspectives on life and it so interesting to hear their thoughts on the variety of topics we cover throughout the year.  Nothing is more gratifying for me than seeing my students learn and grow. 

And my job is to do just that, help kids learn and grow so they’re ready for middle school.  There are three areas we focus on:  educational outcomes, skills development and personal growth. 

These building blocks will help students become more responsible for themselves and continue their social and emotional development.

We start with the basics on a topic through reading, writing and vocabulary and I augment this with special projects and hands on assignments designed to demonstrate knowledge and build mastery.  I want the students to ask questions and will revisit topics if the class needs more time on a subject.  I’m also happy to set aside extra time to help if students need it. 

It’s also important to me that the kids have fun at school, especially since it’s their last year at Randolph Heights.  Some of the fun activities they get to participate in are the talent show, the geography and spelling bees, the trip to Eagle Bluff and the end of year recognition dinner. 

I’m a hands-on teacher and I work hard to ensure I have a positive relationship with my students and their families.  Additionally, I do my best to put myself in their shoes while demonstrating kindness and patience.  Ultimately, I care about my students and want to help them be successful in my class and in life. 

Part of that success starts with them, so I have expectations of the students.

About Me
I grew up in St. Paul and live in the Macalester Groveland neighborhood.  In my spare time I like to play soccer, watch the Vikings, read about history, see live music and explore the world.  And I’m always learning new things myself.