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Reading/Language Arts Our balanced literacy model focuses on the four blocks of guided reading, self-selected reading, writing, and working with words. We will be using the Readers Workshop model for instruction. This model incorporates a mini lesson, skills work, guided reading and independent reading We will use the Accelerated Reader program as one way to keep track of books read. We will use a “word wall” for instruction on the hundred most commonly misspelled third grade words. There will be a test at the end of each month to test mastery of these words. We also use the Words Their Way curriculum to teach spelling patterns. These tests happen every two weeks.  Writer’s Workshop will be the format for teaching writing to third graders. Using a “Writers Notebook”, students will write daily, practicing skills that make authors effective writers.  Skills and craft lessons are built into each day, along with time for individual conferences and writing time.  Eventually, students will choose some of their writings to take further - to publication, through the writing process.   

Mathematics    We use the district’s adopted math curriculum, Every Day Math.  This curriculum “recognizes and builds on children’s capabilities by expanding the range of their mathematics experiences and ideas” (Everyday Mathematics, Everyday Learning Corporation). Please read the parent letter which introduces Every Day Mathematics. And be sure to read the family letter at the beginning of each unit, which gives tips and ideas for helping your child with math concepts and homework, called “Home Links”. You can also click on the link to the right and download pdf's of the family letters for each unit.

History/Geography    Randolph Heights uses the Core Knowledge Curriculum to teach Social Studies.  We are excited to offer your child this intense, highly regarded material and think you will find that students are just as excited.  Some topics to be studies in third grade include Native Americans, Vikings, Colonial America, Ancient Rome, and Rivers of the World.  Students will learn about the geography, demography, and culture of each of these eras and gain an understanding of how our past impacts our present and our future. 

Music Third graders will be introduced to the basic elements of music including notation (whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note and respective rests), rhythm, and melody. Students will employ these concepts while learning to play the recorder during the second half of the school year. This year we welcome a music teacher to Randolph Heights, who will enhance your child's music knowledge.

Core Knowledge parent brochure
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