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Gifted Services (TDAS)

Gifted and Talented (TDAS)
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At Randolph Heights we believe that every child deserves to be challenged to do his or her best.  We strive to offer challenging learning opportunities to every student through maintaining a high level of instruction and expectations for student performance.  Examples of differentiation for students include lesson acceleration, dividing students into flexible groups (math and reading) at their instructional level, and incorporating gifted instructional strategies in everyday teaching.  

Enrichment in core academic subjects (reading, writing and math) happens frequently and is a part of the everyday school routine. For example, third graders who are reading at a 5th grade level are provided with books to read and discuss at their level in a small guided reading group with other advanced readers. Our goal is to meet student needs. Every teacher assesses their students continuously to decide what to teach and how to teach it. They are well-versed in identifying the students who need something new and different. Additionally, our PTA helps in sponsoring enrichment experiences such as artists-in-residence, business partnerships, and performers.  Our Core Knowledge focus provide further richness to the student experience.

Enrichment in other subjects includes more options for kids to develop their artistic, scientific, athletic, and leadership talents. Some enrichment classes/activities are open only to qualified students (such as a challenge math group for gifted math students), while others involve all students (such as the Artist–in-Residence program). After-school enrichment activities (such as Chess, Band and Destination Imagination) are voluntary for students who demonstrate an interest.  All Randolph Heights students have the opportunity to work with our science, art, physical education and music specialists on a regular basis.  

Important Note:  The department for Talent Development and Acceleration Services (TDAS) within the Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) coordinates the testing of all kindergarten and 2nd grade students in the district using the CogAT7 (Cognitive Achievement Test, Version 7). This test determines whether students are identified for gifted and talented services within SPPS. If your child is not in kindergarten or 2nd grade and you would like him/her to take the CogAT7, you can nominate them to take the test and/or submit a portfolio for review.  The opportunity for testing and portfoloio review is only during the fall. 

There are three levels of talent development and acceleration services available to our students: 

Tier One (For all RHS students): 

  • Differentiation of curriculum (reading groups, math flex groups, etc.)
  • Readers' and Writers' Workshop
  • Weekly Thinking Skills Class
  • Many Field Trips
  • Northern Clay Center Arts Residency
  • Core Knowledge Social Studies Curriculum
  • ART/PE/Science/Music Specialists
  • Weekly Maker Space learning opportunities
  • Book Club (K-2)
  • Accelerated Reader
  • AMAZE: Families All Matter Curriculum
  • Overnight to Eagle Bluff (5th grade) *on hold this year*
  • Grade level Annual Theatrrical and Musical Performances *on hold this year*
  • Kids College/Enrichment Clusters
  • Kindergarten Buddies
  • Ballroom Dance (5th grade) *on hold this year*

Tier Two (For some students, interest based):

  • Student Council
  • Student Newspaper
  • Math Enrichment
  • Math Masters
  • Continental Math League
  • Wordmasters
  • Spelling Bee
  • Stock Market Game
  • Battle of the Books (BOB), featuring Maud Hart Lovelace, MYRA, books.
  • Talent Show
  • School Patrol
  • Yearbook
  • EDL/Band (g. 4/5 after school)
  • Destination Imagination (afterschool)
  • LEGO League (afterschool)
  • Community Education:  Chess, Yoga, Drawing (afterschool, fee based)
  • Discovery Club (before and afterschool, fee based)

Tier Three (For a few students):

  • Math acceleration 
  • Individualized Acceleration Coordination