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Fourth Grade

Our Curriculum:


In 4th grade, we use HMH Into Math paired with district learning targets.  Mathematics is organized into 4 strands that cover number sense, data & probability, geometry, and algebra. This provides an enriched curriculum that meets the individual needs of our students.  Within the curriculum, the emphasis is placed on the use of task boards to enhance personalized learning and differentiated instruction.

Reading and Language Arts

Our reading instruction provides success in reading through high-interest, multilevel, and culturally relevant literature. Students become established independent readers by developing strategies with vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Children are expected to meet a monthly reading goal of 2 fiction and 2 nonfiction books.   

Our balanced literacy provides the use of a variety of literature to enhance our guided reading. During guided reading, students use the Close Reading model to deepen their comprehension of fictional texts.  It is our goal to instill the love of reading through a variety of literature.

Our writing program is based on a balanced literacy approach. Students will be introduced to a variety of genres to collect styles of writing in their writer's notebook. Examples of student work will include responses to literature, personal narratives, letter writing, reflections, procedures, nonfiction publications, and personal experiences. The writing seeds planted in the notebooks are to inspire ideas for a final published product. In addition to the entries that focus on content, great emphasis is also placed on writing mechanics.

Core Knowledge/Social Studies

Core Knowledge was an adopted curriculum in our school a few years ago. It is a very exciting program which is enjoyed by teachers and students alike. The program is a building process beginning in kindergarten and continuing through grade six. As part of the core knowledge curriculum, children will be studying the following throughout the year: American Revolution, French and Indian War, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Minnesota History, Medieval Africa, Middle Ages, China, Feudalism, and Islam.

Students in an elementary school concert