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348 Hamline Avenue South
St. Paul


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About Our School

Welcome to Randolph Heights

Welcome to Randolph Heights! Our neighborhood school has strong ties to the community, made even stronger by dedicated parents and families. Volunteers help with programs like our book club for students in grades K-2. Our active families build community pride, support field trips and help with other learning activities. As an accredited Core Knowledge school, our students develop impressive skills in social studies, science, literature, mathematics and the arts. In addition to core classes, students are inspired through technology, visual arts, music, physical education, and gifted and talented services. We are especially proud of our library, which annually circulates more than 40,000 books from an updated collection.

Our Mission

Learning from the past, preparing for the future

Our Vision Statement

Welcome to a school where every student is inspired, challenged, and cared for by exceptional educators and staff.
Welcome to a school where your family is respected, valued, and celebrated.
Welcome to a school with a community united, strong, and prepared for an exceptional future.
Randolph Heights Elementary: Welcome to your school!

Our Values

At Randolph Heights, we value...

...the foundations of Core Knowledge while reflecting and honoring the diversity in our students.

...a rigorous approach to curriculum and the development of 21st century learners who are preparing for careers that don’t yet exist.

...literacy for all students through personalized learning and a robust library program.

...a well-rounded approach to education through Integrated Arts, Science, Physical Education, performances, competitions, collaborations, and talent development.